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JAL's travel community is a place for travel lovers to share their special experiences they have found with other members. the concept of "JAL talk" is "let's have fun talking about jal," including jal boarding, frequent flyer miles, event participation, and other experiences. the "JAL talk" section, with its concept of "let's talk about jal" including jal flights, frequent flyer miles, event participation, etc., will be enjoyed by jal lovers and travelers alike. in addition, "feature columns" provide information on activities and behind-the-scenes stories that cannot be conveyed on the official website, and a monthly contest campaign with a different theme is held to encourage users to contribute their frequent flyer miles.


Aiming to increase fan engagement through interactive communication and to develop ambassadors. the company will launch an application in february 2020 to enhance convenience for members.

In 2020, the company received the 7th Web Grand Prix Award for Excellence. Real events such as roundtable discussions, hangar tours, and in-flight meal tasting events are planned from time to time, and online initiatives on various themes are vigorously implemented from FY2020 onward.

Prior to the establishment of the community, the mainstream communication had been through social networking services (SNS), with official Facebook at the top of the list, but this was only company-driven information dissemination, and there were issues that limited it to one-way communication.

To solve this problem, we focused on a community that enables interactive communication between JAL and its members and among members. By setting a broad theme of "travel," we believed that members would be able to share their travel discoveries and experiences of flying JAL in their own words, and that mutual sharing would further increase the level of empathy. In addition to the limited experience of the JAL brand as a means of transportation, the project also aims to increase member loyalty through various experiences in the community.
During events, a wide range of people participate in interactive communication, including not only the employees who manage the event, but also flight attendants and mechanics, adding an element of "human hospitality" to the experience and enhancing the sense of trust in JAL.

In order to attract initial customers and nurture quality content creators, potential ambassadors were recruited from the official Instagram account, and the UGC self-driven system was realized at the same time as the launch. The site is developed around two axes: "Discovery Reports," in which a wide range of content is posted, including travel destinations, daily discoveries, and local pride; and "JAL Talk," in which experiences such as boarding JAL flights, frequent flyer miles, and event participation are collected.
The design of the site to provide an easy-to-use path for posting via Instagram and Twitter has been a success, attracting more than 4,000 posts each month and encouraging interaction among members through their posts.
In addition, the site aims to continue to attract a wide range of topics through "feature columns" that provide information on activities and behind-the-scenes stories that cannot be conveyed on the official website, as well as a monthly posting contest campaign with a different theme to incentivize frequent flyer mileage.

In addition, the company plans and implements experiential measures such as an ambassador appointment system, action points, badges awarded for specific # of posts and actions taken by others, and events for a limited number of people, which also help to increase member loyalty.

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