JAL's Travel Community wins Excellence Award in the 7th Web Grand Prix "Corporate Site Award



JAL's travel community site, which eLife Inc.(headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Seiichiro Fujiwara, CEO; hereinafter " eLife"), a corporate interactive marketing support company, worked on as a partner, has won the "Corporate Site Award" in the "Corporate Grand Prix" category of the 7th Web Grand Prix ( ) organized by the Web Advertising Study Group of the Advertisers Association of Japan (ADJAJ). JAL's travel community site, in which Seiichiro Fujiwara ("https://award.wab.ne.jp/") was a partner, won the Excellence Award in the "Corporate Site Award" in the "Corporate Grand Prix" category of the 7th Web Grand Prix sponsored by the Web Advertisers Association of Japan ( https://award.wab.ne.jp/).

Corporate Website Award - Excellence Award
Client Name: Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
Site name: JAL's travel community "Discova
*"Discova" was renamed "trico" in February 2020.
URL: https://trico.jal.com/

This year, the Grand Prix and Excellence Awards were determined by a mutual review of the 60 companies participating in the Grand Prix and the 213 members of the judging panel. The "Corporate Grand Prix" category was awarded to the most exemplary websites created and built through the hard work of web professionals from each of the companies.


Launched in February 2019, "Discova" is a JAL and travel fan community site where JAL users spontaneously post and discuss events, innovations, daily discoveries, and experiences related to JAL and travel, in addition to the traditional format where information is transmitted from the company.
*"Discova" was renamed "trico" in February 2020.

In addition to "Feature Columns" and "News" that provide various activities and behind-the-scenes stories that cannot be conveyed on the official JAL website, there are also projects with themes that encourage participation, such as "Discovery Reports," "JAL Talk," and "Everyone's Contributions," as well as a lead-in from Instagram and Twitter, which make it easy to post. The design of the site has resulted in more than 3,000 submissions each month, and has created a network of interaction among members through their submissions. In addition, the planning and implementation of experience-based measures such as an ambassador system and limited real-life events have also led to increased user loyalty.

■About "Web Grand Prix

The "Web Grand Prix" is held annually to honor companies and people who have made outstanding achievements and to celebrate their labor and accomplishments for the purpose of the sound development of websites. The "Web Grand Prix" consists of the "Corporate Grand Prix" category, which focuses on companies, and the "Web People" category, which focuses on people.

Sixty companies participated in the 7th Web Grand Prix "Corporate Grand Prix" category, and the Grand Prix and Excellence Awards were decided after mutual judging by a panel of 213 judges.380 companies are members (as of the end of October 2019) of the Japan Advertisers Association Web Advertising Study Group, a public interest incorporated association. For the release, please visit.

For inquiries, please contact: Tara Ishii
E-mail: info@elife.co.jp TEL: 050-5538-1847 (main)

About eLife Inc.

eLifeSince its inception, "K.K." has continued to realize interactive marketing that connects companies and their partner consumers from various perspectives, transcending industry boundaries, from consumer goods manufacturers to major retailers. We build and operate mechanisms that give back to corporate marketing activities, from the planning of overall strategies for PRM (Partner Relationship Management), which implements dialogue and collaboration between companies and their consumer partners, to operational support and platform development.

Representative: Seiichiro Fujiwara, CEO
URL: https://www.elife.co.jp
Establishment: September 1999
Capital :400 million yen (including capital reserve)
Employees : 60 Other SOHO staff: approx. 1,300 (as of November 2019)
Location : 2F Japan Party Building, 1-29-9 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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