Marketing Consultant


We are entrusted with developing and executing marketing strategies from scratch for large multinational companies, creating unique strategies for each product.

Client Management Methodology

We deal directly with all clients and do not work through 3rd parties.


The marketing we utilize is a completely new field of methodology. We execute true digital marketing. We provide direct contact between consumers and companies through community websites, events, and other optimal methods.We execute true digital marketing.

Job Description

You will be entrusted with identifying the client's business issues and developing a marketing strategy to solve them, as well as planning and executing the strategy.
Depending on the size of each project, you will be responsible for several clients.
You will listen to each client's issues and formulate the most appropriate solution → In cooperation with our staff, you will manage the project to ensure the success of the client's interactive marketing.
You will work directly with the marketing staff of major clients, positively encouraging your professional growth.
*On-the-job training will be provided to familiarize you with the work after you join the company.

The Type Of Person We Are Looking For

You should have an interest in marketing and a will to spread new marketing methods to the world.
You should have knowledge in marketing-related areas and be able to work independently and proactively.


Your home (full remote work)
*We offer full remote work, so those who cannot commute to the office or live in a rural area can apply for employee employment.

Office (business/ working) hours Flexible-hours system
  • All transportation expenses paid, social insurance, stock ownership plan, stock option plan
  • Meal service (once a month, cooked side dishes are delivered to your home)
  • Free online yoga lessons
  • Work terminal provided (Windows or Mac selectable)

To be determined based on experience and ability.
*Annual profit-sharing and stock option plans are available.

Employee Growth Opportunities and Rewards

The program is structured to foster new perspectives and flexible thinking.

  • Action plan application to foster flexible thinking => 1,000,000 yen provided
  • Management meetings attended by all employees (to develop each employee's awareness of management)

In addition to marketing consultants, we are always looking for engineers, front desk engineers, and web production directors to join our team as employees or outsourced contractors. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us using the inquiry form.