Integrated Marketing Support

As omni-channel marketing advances on a global level, companies and brands must interact with consumers to create a customer experience that allows them to make purchases at any time, from anywhere in the world.
eLifeWith offices in Japan, China, and Singapore, and using its 20 years of interactive marketing expertise, KVH provides one-stop support for Japanese companies and brands in more than 10 countries, including China, Southeast Asia, and the United States, from local research to strategy planning, construction, execution, and PDCA.

Shopify Plus Partners

As a Shopify Plus partner, we not only provide e-commerce development and maintenance services,
but a holistic e-commerce solution which includes but not limited to
App Development, Social Media Management, D2C Support, Advertising, Marketing,
International E-Commerce and Logistic Consultation, and more.


For Japanese companies that are starting a global omni-channel expansion and "can't afford to spend the time and manpower...", can handle the sales of your products on your behalf. For Japanese companies that "don't have the manpower or time" to start a global omni-channel expansion, eLifewill sell your products on your behalf.



Cross-border e-commerce all-in-one package

We provide total support from operational support to marketing with a global niche strategy that considers the entire world as "one market. e-commerceCreation of Digital Site eLifeThe "Global Niche Strategy" provides support for Japanese companies to expand overseas with "minimum investment and effort", identify niche markets for target products, acquire consumers, and generate sales.
Cross-border e-commerce For more information on the all-in-one package, click here.

Achieve results with "minimum investment and effort.
Cross-border e-commerceOne-stop shop for services

eLife Community Suite
Integrated Digital Marketing Platform

eLife Community Suite is a one-stop solution service that provides all the functions necessary for interactive communication between companies and consumers. The Community Suite enables marketers to make their marketing efforts more efficient and versatile.

eLife Community Suite


    We provide a wide range of consultation and execution solutions such as Strategic Planning, Operational Management/Support, Research, and Analysis.


    eLife Community Suite is a holistic marketing platform for Interactive Marketing.


A consumer organization of approximately 650,000 people operated by eLife. It is a platform service that allows members to implement all kinds of community initiatives, including community management, monitor recruitment, polls, surveys, and campaigns.

What Can You Expect

  • Consolidated User Database to Understand Your Customers
  • Notify Existing Customers


Effective product understanding and experience is created simultaneously among real friends of consumers. This is a word-of-mouth platform service that allows highly motivated members (= buzzLeader) to try out products, word-of-mouth the products to their friends and acquaintances, and provide feedback on the reactions of themselves and others who have experienced the products.

What Can You Expect

Spread by word-of-mouth

High-quality word-of-mouth

Participants are highly motivated to spread the word, even though they are not compensated for their participation.

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