Maruha Nichiro's community "Oishiine! (Oishiine!!)" community of Maruha Nichiro Members and Maruha Nichiro create the best recipe using canned mackerel


Maruha Nichiro CorporationThe community site "Oishiine! (Oishiine!)", a community site of the "Smart Gastronomy Club", will celebrate its 10th anniversary in October 2023. Will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its predecessor, "Smart Gastronomy Club," in October 2023, and "Oishiine! (Oishine!)" celebrates its 5th anniversary in October 2023. (Oishi-ne!)".

To commemorate the anniversary, the community focused on canned mackerel, which received a large number of votes in the "Maruha Nichiro Product Election" held in August of this yea, and invited the public to submit recipes using canned mackerel. The contest was open to the public and featured recipes using canned mackerel. (Oishii ne!)" members, and "Oishiine! members, and Maruha Nichiro employees who are mackerel canning professionals, the "best recipe" that best conveys the appeal of canned mackerel was selected. We are pleased to announce that a page summarizing this co-creation project is now available.

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Click here >>> for the "Maruha Nichiro Product Election" that inspired the implementation of this project
The "Maruha Nichiro Product Election" was held in commemoration of August 26th, "08 (Maruha)" and "26 (Nichiro)" Day, and the participants were asked to submit their favorite "Maruha Nichiro product name" in the comments. The number of comments received was 1,870. Many members who do not usually post comments participated in the event, which helped to invigorate the community.

A new event is scheduled to be held on "Mackerel Day" on March 8 next year.

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