Pasco Supporters Club "Delicious Time with Pasco" to support the areas affected by the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake (Update: Apr. 10, 2024)


Pasco Shikishima Corporation(Pasco) community site "Pasco and Delicious Time" implemented the "Point de Donation" project to support the areas affected by the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake. Pasco Supporters Club points collected from members who supported the project amounted to 124,250 yen (1 point = 1 yen) and were donated to "Save the Children 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Emergency Children's Aid". The funds will be used to support supplementary school lunch programs.

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■Outline of "Point de Donation
The PASCO Supporters Club has introduced a point program that allows members to accumulate points for various actions on the "Delicious Time with Pasco" website, which can be used to exchange items or apply for present campaigns.
The points collected from members are collected by the Pasco Supporters Club Management Office and transferred to "Save the Children 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Emergency Children's Aid" as a donation, which was realized based on a suggestion from a member.
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Pasco is also providing support to the affected areas in the form of bread donations. For more details, please click here.
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Pasco's Commitment to the SDGs
As part of its efforts to "Zero Hunger" (stable supply of sustainable food), Pasco is conducting support activities for children and students suffering from poverty by participating in the "Wai Wai Children's Cafeteria".
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In October 2023, as part of its social contribution activities, Pasco Supporters Club donated bread to a children's cafeteria using points collected from its members, and received comments from members such as "I am glad to participate" and "I want to contribute to society together again.
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■Pasco Supporters Club "Delicious Time with Pasco
A community for bread lovers to expand the ways of eating bread and Pasco products and their appeal. The "Pasco de Tsukatteita" (I tried making it with Pasco), where recipe ingredients and preparation methods can be easily posted, and "Pan Talk" where everyone can chat about bread and Pasco products, allow bread lovers to communicate with each other and enjoy a wonderful bread life.

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