The weak yen drives strong support for Japanese companies entering overseas markets. Cross-border e-commerce sales agent service is now available.


Enables entry into overseas markets without cost, hassle, or time, and enables global omnichannel for Japanese companies through eLife, which handles everything necessary for cross-border e-commerce

We have started offering "Cross-border e-commerce sales agent service" for Japanese companies that want to efficiently enter overseas markets and sell their products.
For cross-border e-commerce, a global omnichannel strategy is essential, centered on the company's brandable store, while simultaneously developing a store on Social media, which has a high customer affinity, and developing a global sales network utilizing local marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart, which is growing rapidly in India. This is essential. eLifeThrough the provision of sales agent services, KWE provides one-stop support for Japanese companies to realize a global omnichannel strategy.


Cross-border e-commerce About our sales representative services

Overview of "Cross-border EC Sales Agency Service" by eLife

In North America and Europe, where the cross-border market is large, and in APAC and South America, including India, which is experiencing significant growth, we work with a unique network of partner companies with expertise in local tax, legal, logistics, payment, and other specialized areas to sell Japanese companies' products on their behalf.
The entire process of sales, logistics, operations, and marketing can be entrusted to eLife.
Since you do not have to handle all the procedures yourself, you can market your products easily and effectively, and since you only pay a sales commission based on sales, you can dramatically reduce the costs associated with traditional sales.

In order to provide a consistent customer experience in different countries and regions, it is important to develop a global sales network that includes a brandable in-house store as the main focus, while simultaneously developing a store at Social media, which has a high customer affinity, and utilizing local marketplaces.
In addition, social commerce, which adds a cart function to Social media, is on the rise, and it is necessary to catch up with the rapidly changing trend of e-commerce, which not only attracts customers to the company's own e-commercesite, but also allows payment for products through Social media.

The "Cross-border e-commerce Sales Representative Service" from eLife provides strong support for Japanese companies that are unable to actively consider entering overseas markets due to lack of time and manpower to start such a global omnichannel expansion. All a company needs to do is prepare its products, and eLife will take care of everything necessary for e-commerce across borders, including marketing.
Through this service, eLife provides strong support for Japanese companies entering overseas markets and achieving global omni-channel.

  1. Selection of products
    Suggestion of which products to sell and at what price
  2. Establish a sales network
    Dedicated e-commercesite available, with support for marketplace listings on Amazon and other retailers
  3. Pickup of goods
    Pick up your sales goods and deliver them to eLife
  4. Start sales on behalf of the company
    After sales start, handling inquiries, delivery arrangements, daily operations, and marketing on behalf of the client
  5. Reporting Results
    Monthly sales performance report

Eight features of the "cross-border e-commerce agent service

  1. eLife has a dedicated e-commerce site
  2. Also available on Facebook, Instagram, and other sites on Social media
  3. Marketplace store openings such as local Amazon and Flipkart are also available
  4. Company representative only determines and offers products to be exhibited.
  5. Sales, delivery, and other operations are completely outsourced to eLife for peace of mind.
  6. eLife Attentive customer support by overseas staff
  7. Low risk with sales-linked commissions
  8. Assumed take-out promotion costs are advertising costs only.

▼ Global Omni-Channel Explanation Corner Now Available

Omni-channel strategies that allow companies to integrate multiple sales channels and allow customers to purchase products through different platforms and methods can be deployed in overseas markets to provide the same consistent customer experience in different countries and regions.
eLifeIn this section of the website, we have created an easy-to-understand explanation section on global omnichannel, an indispensable strategy for Japanese companies entering overseas markets. The contents are being released sequentially.

▼ Global e-commerce information now available ( eLife e-commerce columns)

eLife is a marketing support company celebrating its 24th year in business this year. we regularly publish useful information for companies, such as know-how cultivated through our global and cross-border e-commerce marketing support/The latest industry trends/information about our services.

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