Maruha Nichiro's community website "Oishiine!!" is running the "DHA Challenge Post Campaign 2024" to coincide with "DHA Day" on June 22.


Maruha Nichiro Corporation's community site "Oishiine!!" has been running a campaign since Monday, June 10, 2024. During the campaign period, 50 winners will be selected by drawing from among those who post a photo of a product bearing the "Power of DHA" mark (*) and a photo of a dish using the product, to receive a one-month supply of DHA (30,000 mg in total).
(*) "Power of DHA" mark: Maruha Nichiro's proprietary mark that can be displayed on Maruha Nichiro products containing 1 mg or more of DHA per gram of product. It serves as a landmark when selecting products.

June 22 is "DHA Day. DHA is one of the fatty acids (nutrients) necessary for our bodies and is present in many parts of the body, including the brain and eyes.

In 2012, Maruha Nichiro applied to the Japan Anniversary Association to make DHA better known to the public, and the day was established as a commemorative day. The day was established as "Oishiine! (Oishiine!)". We also want to support the healthy lifestyles of our members, so we conduct a campaign every year to commemorate DHA Day.

This year, a series of campaigns were conducted from May to June. In the first campaign held in May, about 3,000 members participated in a quiz related to DHA, and 100 people who answered correctly were presented with two types of canned food that contain DHA.
Click here for the first phase of the DHA Campaign>>>

In the second phase of the campaign, we would like to support everyone's healthy lifestyle by helping them find Maruha Nichiro products with the "Power of DHA" mark and incorporating them into their daily diet.
Click here for the second phase of the DHA Campaign >>>

Maruha Nichiro Community "Oishiine!!"
This is a community where everyone can nurture "deliciousness" together through Maruha Nichiro's various products and activities. "Oishiine!!" is a community that fosters "deliciousness" together through Maruha Nichiro's various products and activities. is the "ne" of empathy that comes from communicating with those around you. The community is a place where you can get new information about Maruha Nichiro products and food-related information, and where members can interact with each other by viewing and posting recommended recipes. The "Oishiine! (The name of the site, "Oishiine!!" was also created in collaboration with the members.
In October 2023, the site will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its predecessor, "Smart Gastronomy Club," and "Oishiine!!".

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