New series of articles on the diverse work styles of our employees is now available.


Employees who travel the world while working reveal their work-life balance and remote work expertise.

Since our founding in 1999, we have been committed to enabling each and every employee to reach his or her full potential without being restricted by location, time, or living environment.
Together with our employees, we have realized a variety of work styles, including full-flexible and fully remote work, support for balancing work with childcare and nursing care, and, in recent years, nomadic work both in Japan and overseas. By enabling employees to fulfill both their work and personal lives, we are able to positively influence each other and contribute to improving the productivity and quality of work throughout the organization.

In the new "How to Work" content, we will publish a series of articles on how our employees are exploring and practicing their own unique ways of working.
The first series, "Traveling the World While Working," is now available in Kazakhstan and Brazil. Our employees, who visit two to three countries a month to experience life and work in those countries, focus on how to balance work and private life through the practice of nomadic work, and also introduce the cultures of the countries they visit and their interactions with the local people. Please take a look.

▼ "How to Work" content is here.

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