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elife the "off-site meeting" was held online. the purpose of this meeting is to exchange information and share knowledge on community management and user communication policies among companies. The moderator of the meeting is our advisor, mr. Shinya Mizuno. He was previously involved in digital marketing at kagome co.,ltd., and has a track record of managing the community site "&kagome" as a "nakahito" in the advertising department, and is a leading expert in corporate community management. The event will not be a closed event, but a chance to meet and exchange information with other participants. Although this is a closed event, we have made a portion of it available to the public with your permission. please take a moment to read it.

■ eLife Offsite Meeting Report Themes
Spring 2023-1: "Sharing Best Practices and Factors" and  "Operation of the Ambassador System
Spring 2023-2: "Sharing Best Practices and Factors" and  "Operation of the Ambassador System

■ eLife Offsite Meeting Report Back Number Theme
Part 4: " Activating Online Fan Communication" and  "Internal Awareness through Inner Marketing"
Part 3: "Activating Online Fan Communication" and  "InternalAwareness through Inner Marketing"
Part 2: "PDCAusing NPS" and "Measures and innovations to improve loyalty"
Part 1: "KPI" and "What is the Best Distance to Fans?"

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