Off-Site Meeting Spring 2023-1" held to share knowledge of community operations staff.

Event Report

Background of the event

Hello. eLifeMy name is Miura, and I am in charge of public relations.
We recently held a two-day "Off-Site Meeting 2023 Spring" online. The purpose of this meeting is to exchange information and share knowledge on community management and user communication policies among companies, and we regularly invite people who are in charge of community management.

The first day was entitled "Off-Site Meeting 2023 Spring-1" and was attended by four persons from four different companies.

List of participating companies
Asahi Group Foods, Ltd. /  AJINOMOTO FROZEN FOODS Co., Inc./  KAGOME CO.,LTD./  ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. *Alphabetical order, titles omitted in the following text.

The moderator for both days will be our advisor, mr. Shinya Mizuno. mr. Mizuno was previously involved in digital marketing at kagome co.,ltd., and in the advertising department, he managed the community site "&kagome" as a "nakanohito", and is a leading expert in corporate community management. He is a leading figure in the management of corporate communities.

Shinya Mizuno
Senior analyst, ITR CORPORATION. / Representative, Mikke Tech .LLC

KAGOME CO.,LTD.Mr. Kurokawa worked in the information systems and advertising divisions of the company. He has been promoting digital marketing utilizing the website Social mediaas well as building information systems such as supply chain management. In the advertising division, he operates the community website "&KAGOME" as a "Nakahito" (a person in the middle). Currently, he is engaged in IT market research at IT-R Corporation, writes about customer engagement with a focus on corporate communities, and provides consulting services to companies. He is currently writing a series of articles on the topic. He is the author of "The Latest Digital Marketing Guide for Future Business" (MDN Corporation).

This year's discussion will focus on two themes, Sharing best practices and the factors behind them. and Operation of the ambassador system. The latter theme was derived from the former. The latter theme was derived from the former, which had been prepared in advance, and the participants had a heated discussion, exceeding the scheduled time, on how best to manage the ambassador system.

Theme1.-Sharing best practices and their factors

Policies in the community vary from company to company. There may be many measures that have pleased members, generated a great response, or contributed to product sales. Therefore, we asked each person in charge to introduce their company's successes and the factors that contributed to them. Following this, we asked other companies to express their impressions, opinions, and questions, leading to a discussion.

Successful case study of the Asahi Group Foods, Ltd. community website "Dear-Natura & me"

Outline of the policy
Call for breakfast recipes using protein products

Protein products are often stereotyped as something to drink after exercise, but protein is protein, so anyone can consume it, and many people are deficient in their daily protein requirements.
To encourage people to incorporate more protein products into their daily diets, we asked for breakfast recipes using the protein product Dianatura Active.

Prior to the measure, The ambassadors were asked to come up with recipes, which were then included in the announcement article. The result was that approximately 500 entries were received in the end, and this triggered interest in the brand. In the end, we received approximately 500 submissions, which helped stimulate interest in the brand.

Company A: I used to think that protein was a supplement for people who exercise, so it had nothing to do with me. However, when it is presented in this way, from the angle of taking protein with breakfast, it changes my mind to give it a try.

*Other discussions about the ambassador system were lively. Please see Theme2.-Operation of the Ambassador System for a description of the discussion.

Successful case study of the AJINOMOTO FROZEN FOOD Co., Inc. community website "Obento Home"

Outline of the campaign
Conducted "Mochimochi Earlobe Texture Dumpling" Photo Submission Campaign for two consecutive years

We were asked by the department in charge of products to cooperate in the promotion of the frozen food "Sui-Gyoza" and planned a campaign using Social media.
In order to let people know about the product's characteristic "thick and elastic skin" and "earlobe texture," we solicited photos of how to eat the sui-gyoza, and in addition to submissions via Twitter and Instagram, those who did not have a Social mediaaccount could also submit entries via the official website so that anyone could apply. We have made it possible for anyone to apply.
In addition, the community voted on the best sui-gyoza.

The use of SNS and the posting of submitted photos on the official website contributed to motivate participation, resulting in more than 300 applications in both years. In addition, we were able to gain consumer insight on sui-gyoza, which is a minor item compared to yaki-gyoza.

Company A: I thought it was attractive that participants could participate simply by submitting a photo. If you use the common recipe submission format, you have to state how many grams of this ingredient you use, etc., Which raises the hurdle for entry. I like that this project is easy for anyone to participate.

Company B: The creation of the page is a wonderful representation of the world of sui-gyoza. I collect images of wonderful menus and make them into ugc to stimulate my motivation to be listed there.

Company C: The integration with SNS is brilliant. I would like to learn from the system that allows people who are not registered members of the community to easily apply via SNS.

Successful case study of the KAGOME CO.,LTD. community website "&KAGOME"

Summary of measures
Co-created the naming of a new product (tomato seedlings) in collaboration with the mail order division.

As a new variety of tomato seedlings, one of the popular products on Kagome's mail-order website "Kenko Shokuhin", is to be sold exclusively on the site, we were asked if we could decide on a name for the product together with "&KAGOME".
We asked the community to come up with a name for the new "tomato seedling. After discussions among the concerned parties, the candidates were narrowed down to five out of approximately 1,000 submissions, and the community members voted to select the name.

Gaining recognition for new products and fostering feelings about products even before they are sold. The company was also able to expand its sales channels by linking to social networking services, utilizing pr, and sending customers from the community to mail order. We also feel that we were able to contribute to the inner branding of "Kenko direct mail."

Company A: After all, co-creation is a project that easily attracts the interest of members. I think that naming co-creation is very good.

Company B: The project of being able to name the tomato seedlings stuck because many of our members have long been deeply in love with kagome's project of growing tomato seedlings.

Company C: We also operate two sites, a community site and a mail-order site, where members can earn and use common points. However, since the products handled by the two sites are different, the members of each site are, in a sense, from different worlds, even though they are both part of the same company. In this respect, i envy kagome for the fact that members of both the mail order site and the community site respond to the same projects.

Successful case study of the ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. community website "Cocorohto Park"

Outline of the measures
Distributed video content of exercises for each part of the body to solve members' problem of loose body shape; set up an "exercise club" for a limited period of 7 days and challenged everyone to join the club.

We assumed that the common concern of women in their 40s, the most common among our members, was "looseness of body shape. Therefore, we used the Q&A function to ask members about their body-related concerns, and many responded that they had loose arms, thighs, and buttocks.
Therefore, we arranged the videos produced for the PR of our protein products for this project and distributed the exercise videos for each part of the body on the site.
In addition, an "exercise club" was established for a limited period of seven days, and a project was started in which participants would watch the videos and exercise their bodies for five minutes every day. Participants were asked to report their daily participation by posting comments and their impressions of the exercise on the bulletin board.

Of the 50 participants, 80% completed the entire 7 days to the end. By challenging everyone together, a sense of unity was created among the participants, and the positive perception of "Kokorot Park" was also improved. I believe that this is a good idea. We then published an article about the project on our website, so that non-participating members could be made aware of the project.

Company A: It is nice for the management to hear the response that something that could not be done by one person could be continued because everyone worked hard together. At the same time, i thought it was a good project that would increase loyalty to ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd..

Company B: I like the fact that the staff members are also taking on the challenge together, which makes it more accessible. I think this project is unique to the community because it is hard to do exercise alone even if you plan to do it someday.

Company C: If we ask the people who completed the race this time to be ambassadors, we can consider the next development.

After witnessing the lively discussion on the best practices of each company, Mr. Mizuno said, "I learned a lot from everyone's stories, and I gained some insight myself. I hope you will take what you have learned back home and use it to revitalize your own corporate communities," said Mr. Mizuno.

Theme2.-Operation of the Ambassador System

After the introduction of the case study of Asahi Group Foods' "Dear-Natura & me" community site, there was a theme that everyone passionately discussed. It was the "ambassador system.
The ambassadors were asked to come up with a recipe for breakfast using protein products, and when other members saw the recipe, their ideas grew, leading to a dramatic increase in the number of entries, according to the analysis. This is one example of the effectiveness of ambassador marketing.
Then, a lively discussion was held on ambassador policies among those in charge of implementing or considering an "ambassador system.

Company A: We have discussed the ambassador system several times internally, but our biggest concern is whether we can control it, and we have not been able to take the plunge. Please tell us a little more about the selection of ambassadors at Asahi Group Foods, Ltd.. Did you select them based on the content of their contributions to the community and how active they are?

Asahi Group Foods representative: At first, we recruited. From the second phase onward, rather than officially recruiting, we increased the number of applicants little by little by actually meeting them at online events and talking to those who used the products frequently and seemed to have a high level of awareness of them. We have been gradually increasing the number of participants.

Company A: You have some really passionate people as ambassadors.

Asahi Group Foods representative: We have ambassadors who really love Dianatura, such as people who have been using it for 10 years and people who buy all the new products when they are released.

Company B: There must be people who have been using our products for many years. We were wondering what form our ambassadors' activities should take, but this talk has given us a clearer picture. Thank you very much.

Company C: We once had an ambassador program, but it was a one-off. I see that Asahi Group Foods, Ltd. is increasing loyalty by continuing to use ambassadors, which leads to a ripple effect. I regret that we may have asked them to produce articles too frequently. How often do you produce articles?

Asahi Group Foods representative: We try not to burden our ambassadors. On average, we ask them once every two months.

Although Asahi Group Foods is providing the products, there is no monetary reward for the ambassadors' activities. Still, many people are willing to buy their cooperation, They feel that their activities are useful to companies and other community members, and that they are contributing to the betterment of society, in other words, they get the mental satisfaction of being "connected to social needs, the desire for recognition, and the desire for self-realization. This is because It is a win-win relationship between the company, which can learn the real reactions of consumers to its company and products, and the consumers, who can feel a sense of spiritual fulfillment. (Mr. Mizuno)

Participant's voice

Finally, we would like to share with you some of the feedback we received from those who participated in this off-site meeting.

There were many situations that I could relate to, and there were some cases that were helpful to me. I would like to think about how our company can also implement such measures. It was very informative.

I think it was very good that we were able to share our perspectives and concerns that only those in charge of the actual operation of a corporate community could have. I learned a lot from listening to your case studies of issues that we are currently facing.

I learned a lot from the ambassador project and the meetings with customers. Once again, I would like to take on various challenges."

I thought there are still many things we can do to develop the community in the future, such as collaboration with business units, co-creation, and cooperation with social networking services. I would definitely like to continue to work with you and elifein the future.

I think the opportunity for horizontal connections and information exchange among community representatives is very important. Even if the size and purpose of the communities are different, it is very helpful."

We were able to exchange information on each company's future operational policies and new challenges, which is difficult to see from the outside. I would like to keep a close eye on the moves each company is making, such as the use of separate brands for communication and the consideration of appointing ambassadors.

Organizer's Postscript - Reflections on Offsite Meeting Spring 2023-1

The participants in charge of each of the projects presented their best practices, and everyone had a lot of questions. Moreover, the content of the presentations was all very insightful from an "operator's point of view," and as one of the participants said, the time was filled with empathy, concerns, and insights that "only those of us who manage communities can share. I am sure that all of the participants were able to take away a variety of gifts from the meeting time, and all of them had beautiful smiles on their faces.
Also, as the day of the meeting was "Gyoza Day," we had a lively discussion about Ajinomoto Frozen Foods' gyoza, and I myself enjoyed the meeting and had a meaningful time.

If you like, please continue to see the "Offsite Meeting 2023 Spring-2 " held on the second day.

We will continue to hold meetings like this one, as well as various other projects and information dissemination.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any topics with other companies!

Thank you for reading to the end.

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Dear-Natura&me(Asahi Group Foods, Ltd.)
Cocorohto Park(ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

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