eLife Employees Systems Development Consultant Joined the company in 2011

Main Job at eLife

The main focus is to manage the development of new start-up projects.
Specifically, I am responsible for making estimates and schedules, defining requirements, designing, building environments, managing development progress, and communicating with clients. eLifeSince we handle everything from start-up to operation, we also perform operation and maintenance of released projects, as well as inquiries and consultations from both inside and outside the company.
I also accompany sales staff when they make new proposals, and make proposals from a systems perspective.
Recently, I have also been involved in non-system-related work such as overall project management, planning and proposals, and implementation of PDCA after release.

Why did you join eLife?

[Closer to the client]
I was able to communicate directly with clients and understand their needs more closely and provide better products to them and their users. In my previous job, I only developed what was requested. However, the appeal of eLife was that I could make proposals and consult with people in an open manner, regardless of their position within the company or outside of it.

[Work Style]
Remote work is encouraged and you can work in a way that suits you.
Nowadays, more and more companies are introducing remote work due to the coronavirus, but at eLife, remote work has been encouraged since before I joined the company in 2011.
One of the best things of eLife was that I was able to work remotely when my wife was about to give birth, and I was able to have meetings with her via video conference so that I was able to rush to the hospital immediately after she gave birth.

What was difficult about joining the company

I was required to be "active," to move on my own rather than passively.
I was puzzled by the environment that required me to take action more than ever before, such as trying things out and doing research.
However, my confusion was limited to the beginning, and once I learned to work on my own, I naturally took more actions, such as learning new technologies and proposing new functions.
This also led me to take on new challenges, and since eLife is constantly entering new areas, it requires people who can take action without fear of failure, which in turn leads to the improvement of my own skills.

ONE DAYA Day at eLife

9:30a.m.-9:45a.m. System Team Morning Meeting

Information sharing, consultation, and confirmations with the team are the main agenda items. Some days, when there is nothing going on, the meeting takes only about five minutes to complete, but we use the morning meeting as a time to start the day and switch between tasks. Task reports for the previous day and today's tasks are also provided on a memo basis, which is also used as a basis for judging the amount of work to be done by each person.

9:45a.m.-10:00a.m. Email and Backlog check

Reply to emails, check Backlog assigned tickets, and select issues to be handled today.

10:00a.m-noon Internal meetings, response to inquiries

In the mornings, I often participate in internal meetings.
We also respond to inquiries from clients, communicate with subcontractors, and conduct other correspondence mainly with external parties.

noon-1:00p.m. Lunch
1:00p.m-6:00p.m. Outside meetings, quotation preparation, development management, maintenance support (including internal and external)

Participate in client meetings for sales support and system requirements definition.
I prepare and review estimates for a variety of projects, from new projects to modifications.
I also manage development and handle internal and external maintenance.
If I am assigned to a new project, I often consult with internal parties and participate in meetings on short notice

6:00p.m.-10:00p.m. Dinner to bedtime

Before Corona, I came home late and could hardly have dinner with my children, but now that I am remote, I have more time to spend with them, and I cherish the time I can spend with them.

10:00p.m.-10:30p.m. Organize Tasks

After the children go to bed, I check the remaining tasks and organize tasks for the next day at a calm time.

What I feel I have grown since joining the company

[Working without being restricted by job title]
I joined the company as a system engineer, but now I am also involved in work other than the system side, such as proposing plans and turning PDCA around. Being involved in areas other than my own job has increased my knowledge and broadened the scope of what I can propose.
I feel that I have grown in proportion to the expansion of my work.

[Understanding the other party's intentions, communicating to the other party].
Since there is a lot of written communication, we try to understand the other party's intentions and to be polite in our remarks, etc.
Since we encourage remote work, there are people involved in our business all over the country. We use chat functions (video calls are also available) for communication, and we often communicate in writing.
Therefore, we cannot see facial expressions and may not be able to grasp nuances from the text alone, which may cause unintentional discomfort. However, I believe that what I cannot do for someone close to me I cannot do for a client, so I have been with the company for about 10 years now, and I still try to communicate politely on a daily basis.
As a result, I feel that I have grown in the areas of understanding the other party's intentions and what they are looking for (and how to convey them).

What I would like to challenge in the future

Aim to be a "generalist"!
We will broaden and deepen the scope of our work outside of the systems aspect.
When asked by a client, it is often the case that "I don't know much about systems, so..." and so on. This is extreme, but what if one person could handle sales (proposals, planning, etc.), production direction, systems-related work, and operations?
I think that would be very reassuring. I would like to become such a person.

The person in charge will be able to improve his/her skills, and the company may be able to reduce the number of people assigned to a project. As a result, both the person in charge and the company will benefit.
Regardless of the position you hold when you join the company, eLife provides you with a place to discuss and challenge your career plans!

I would also like to create a system to distribute the load in each operation (laugh).

Previous Job

Kimono store sales
Front-end program development related to inventory management systems.

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