eLife Employees Global Consultant Joined the company in 2022

Main Job at eLife

My main job at eLife is as software engineer. I work in a team of English-speaking engineers and manage the successful implementation of marketing projects and strategies. I also act as a language intermediary, communicating with global companies and working closely with my Japanese colleagues to ensure projects are in sync.

Why did you join eLife?

I joined eLife because of the opportunity to work remotely, which allows me to balance my personal and professional life. Additionally, the team at eLife is full of fun and supportive colleagues. The company has an international mindset and also offers a lot of promotion opportunities and helps me grow as a person both personally and professionally. Overall, eLife has a great work-life balance and a fun and dynamic work environment that makes it an appealing place to work.

What were some of the challenges you faced when you joined the company?

When I joined eLife as the first foreign engineer, one of the main challenges I faced was adapting to a mostly Japanese speaking environment. I had to work hard to improve my language skills and communicate effectively with my colleagues. Another challenge I faced was having to switch contexts frequently, as there were many projects happening simultaneously. Additionally, during the pandemic, I was working from Europe and had to contend with time zone differences which made it difficult to coordinate with my team in Japan. These challenges were difficult but they helped me to grow and develop my skills, and learn to work effectively in a diverse and international environment.

ONE DAYA Day at eLife

9:00 a.m. Check email and chats

In the morning, I’ll check my email and try to see if there are any important items that require my attention. I’ll also check if my name was mentioned in any chats.

10:00 a.m. Check schedule

From there I’ll look at the schedule of the project I'm currently involved in and make sure that everything is on track. If necessary I’ll do a quick sync meeting with my team to ensure that we are all on the same page and that our work is aligned.

11:00 a.m. Pull requests

I might spend some time reviewing pull requests, making sure that the code is up to standards and that it meets the requirements of the project. I also spend time merging code and making sure that everything is working correctly.

1:00 p.m. Lunch break
2:00 p.m. Development

In the afternoon I may assist my team with development work, working on new features, or fixing bugs. Sometimes we’ll have a meeting to discuss a new tech solution that we may want to integrate.

3:30 p.m. Go outside for a walk
4:00 p.m. Client meeting

I might have a meeting with one of our global clients, where I try to resolve any issues that have come up and/or have any questions answered. I’ll then communicate the information back to my team.

5:00 p.m. Update notes

I’ll update my notes for that day so I still remember what happened the next day. I’ll also check my email and chats once more to see if there’s anything I missed.

6:00 p.m. Dinner/meet friends/play games

What do you feel you have grown since joining the company?

I feel that I have grown in several ways. Firstly, my Japanese skills have improved a lot, which has allowed me to communicate more effectively with my team and understand the company’s culture more deeply. Additionally, I have developed the ability to multitask and manage my time effectively. I have also learned how to effectively coordinate with my team and manage multiple projects at the same time.

What would you like to try at eLife?

As an engineer by heart, I would like to dive deeper into AI and look into ways that we can serve customers with this exciting technology. I’m interested in exploring the different applications of AI in marketing and finding ways to apply this technology to help our customers achieve their goals.

Previous Job

My previous job was as an engineering manager at a small IT consulting company in Antwerp, Belgium. I was responsible for leading the junior engineering team and focused on developing solutions that increased efficiency and improved customer experience.

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