Kodawarisakaba's Taco High No Moto won the Japan Food Selection Grand Prix! "Like" Campaign in "Kodawarisakaba Fan Club"!


Suntory Holdings LimitedLtd. is conducting a campaign on "Kodawari Shaba Fan Club," a community site for its chu-hi and cocktail brand "Kodawari Shaba," starting on March 7, 2024 (Thursday).
During the campaign period, 30 winners will be selected by drawing from among those who clicked the reaction button on the article in question to receive an award-winning commemorative set of "Taco Hai no Moto" (Taco High Element).

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To celebrate winning the Grand Prix, the highest evaluation, at the 71st Japan Food Selection (January 2024) organized by the Japan Food Analysts Association, we wanted to have many people celebrate the award with us, We decided to launch a community campaign to commemorate the award.
The award was given in recognition of the drink's universally appealing taste, the ease with which it can be enjoyed at home, its new retro atmosphere, and its flavor that goes well with any meal.

Kodawarisakaba Fan Club
Kodawarisakaba's Lemon Sour," which is a solid alcoholic drink with lemon, and "Kodawarisakaba's Taco High," which is a "plain sour with a taste" loved at bars. This is a community where people who love these "Kodawarisakaba" brands gather. The entire site is designed in the style of an izakaya (Japanese style pub) to convey the world view of "Kodawarisakaba".
Community members can post photos of their evening drinking scenes at home or at partner business establishments, engage in lively discussions about snacks, and post recipes for snacks that go well with "Kodawari Sakeba". In addition, members-only campaigns are regularly held.
Izakaya staff-like characters such as "Taisho," "Okami," and "Takou-san" appear on the site and play a role in communication by introducing information and following up on comments.

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