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Shopify, a global marketing support company for Japanese companies and a Shopify Plus partner, announces the launch of a new section on its website that provides an easy-to-understand explanation of global omni-channel, an essential strategy for Japanese companies entering overseas markets. We are pleased to announce that we have added a new section on our website that provides an easy-to-understand explanation of global omnichannel, a strategy essential for Japanese companies to enter overseas markets.
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What is Global Omni-Channel? Background of the Need

A business strategy in which a company integrates multiple sales channels and allows customers to purchase products through different platforms and methods is called "global omnichannel" and is characterized by the ability to provide a consistent customer experience in different countries and regions. For example, by integrating the company's own online store with social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram as sales channels, as well as opening stores on local marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart, customers can freely move between these channels and enjoy a consistent customers can enjoy a consistent brand experience as they bounce freely between these channels.

As domestic demand continues to shrink, it is inevitable that Japanese companies will enter new markets, not only in North America, Europe, and China but also in India, where rapid urbanization and industrial development are taking place. however, simply launching a cross-border e-commerce store will only result in temporary customer relationships and sales.

It is important to develop a global sales network that includes a brandable in-house store on Shopify and other sites, a highly customer-friendly store on Social media, and local marketplaces.

eLife supports global omni-channel deployment

eLife Shopify Plus, Inc. is a global marketing support company that provides a global network of expertise and professional businesses with the language, currency, payment, and logistics business infrastructure of Shopify, a commerce platform operating in over 175 countries around the world, the knowledge and technology of a Shopify Plus Partner, and eLife's unique expertise in supporting Japanese companies' digital marketing both domestically and internationally. The company's strengths include the language, currency, payment, and logistics business infrastructure provided by Shopify, its knowledge and technology as a "Shopify Plus Partner," and the know-how and global network of specialized businesses that have cultivated independently to support the digital marketing of Japanese companies in Japan and overseas. This enables Japanese companies aiming to expand into overseas markets to develop their business with minimal initial investment while minimizing the operational burden on personnel and the languages they can support.

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We regularly provide useful information for companies, such as know-how cultivated through our global and cross-border EC marketing support, the latest industry trends, and information about our services.

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Shopify was founded in 2006 in Ottawa, Canada, and since then has become a global commerce leader for retail businesses of all sizes, supporting millions of businesses in more than 175 countries to date. Shopify is the largest retail business start-up, expansion, marketing, and operations management The company offers one of the largest commerce platforms available.

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