eLife, a company with a proven track record in overseas marketing support, begins offering a Cross-Border EC All-in-One Package.


Total support for EC creation of the digital site, operational support, and marketing with a global niche strategy that considers the entire world as a single market.

eLife Inc., a certified Shopify Plus partner that has helped many Japanese companies market their products globally, has launched e-commerce, an all-in-one cross-border package for Japanese companies that want to efficiently sell their products in overseas markets.

This service provides total support for language and logistics for major overseas markets as well as other growth markets, and for local business environments including tax and legal matters, enabling cross-border e-commerceestablishment in as little as two months. Furthermore, one of the greatest features of this service is the Global Affiliate Program (hereinafter referred to as "GAP"), a eLifeunique partner policy that transmits the appeal of products to consumers around the world from the time of market entry. GAP"), a unique partner program.

About the cross-border EC all-in-one package


eLife Global Niche Strategy for

You may think that your products are appealing in the domestic market, but they are "niche" and cannot be sold in the global market. Is this really true?
Niche" refers to a business field where the market size is small. The global niche strategy of eLifeis to increase the market size by dozens and dozens of times by approaching each and every small need scattered in the world market simultaneously.

Marketing that "fits the country/region" is now a thing of the past: people all over the world are consuming the same content at the same time, regardless of country/region, on social media such as Instagram and TikTok; commerce platforms such as Shopify are global and language-neutral; and the world is borderless in terms of currency, payments, and logistics, currencies, payments, and logistics borderless. By viewing the entire world as one market, eLifeproposes a simultaneous approach to potential customers scattered across the global marketplace. We believe that the key to success is to draw empathy and interest from consumers around the world who have earned the trust of the communities associated with the products they wish to sell, and to make them partners in this effort.

eLife The company supports Japanese companies to expand overseas with "minimal investment and effort," identify niche markets for target products, acquire consumers, and generate sales by viewing the entire world as one market.

Overview of Cross-border EC All-in-One Package

elife in addition to major Japanese trading partners in North America, Europe, some apac countries and regions such as China and India, and Brazil, we also work in frontier markets such as Vietnam, Nigeria, Peru, and Romania, where Japanese companies have not yet fully entered, but where rapid urbanization and industrial development are taking place. We provide a one-stop shop for all the necessary cross-border ec functions by working with our own network of partner companies that are well-versed in specialized areas such as local tax, legal, logistics, and settlement. by eliminating customization as much as possible and keeping the system to the minimum practical configuration, we have achieved a price range of 3.6 million yen, which is by far the lowest cost we have ever charged (*1/10 of our original price).

Then, we ask consumers around the world who have earned the trust of specific communities to cooperate in communicating the appeal of the product. elife's unique "gap" partner program enables marketing activities such as gaining initial local recognition, building sales, and discovering local needs. unlike conventional "influencer" programs, which are expensive and short-term relationships, "GAP" allows companies and partners to "maintain a relationship over the medium to long term" and can be expected to have a significant advertising impact.

In addition, for customer support, which is an issue during the operational phase of e-commerce, all help desk functions such as email, live chat, Facebook, and Instagram are integrated into a single screen, and combined with AI chatbots to achieve support efficiency in multiple languages.

Cross-Border EC All-in-One Package is a new service that integrates the language, currency, payment, and logistics business infrastructure of Shopify, a commerce platform operating in over 175 countries worldwide, the knowledge and technology of a Shopify Plus Partner, and eLife This new service integrates the language, currency, payment, and logistics business infrastructure of the Shopify commerce platform, the knowledge and technology of Shopify Plus Partners, and the know-how and global network of specialized businesses that has cultivated independently to date to support the digital marketing activities of Japanese companies in Japan and overseas. This new service will enable Japanese companies to aim to expand into overseas markets to minimize the operational burden on their staff and the languages they can support, as well as minimize their initial investment by minimizing the functional structure of the service.

Features of the cross-border EC all-in-one package

  1. Initial construction package combining the minimum practical services and functions
  2. Cross-border EC launch in as little as 2 months
  3. GAP, a partner measure that will appeal to new markets.
  4. Reliable technical support only available through Shopify Plus partners
  5. Full support by a global network of specialized operators familiar with local business and systems
  6. Accelerate your business with a full menu of optionsand additional marketing functions
    Providing various marketing solutions such as marketing automation
    Customer Support
    Full support for inquiries from overseas
    Independence Support Program
    Independence support program for company staff to manage e-commercesites on their own
    Advertisement management
    Full automation of various advertisement operations that lead to sales promotion

【Construction period】
Initial construction period: Minimum 2 months

Initial construction: Approx. 3,600,000 yen ~.
Annual operation: Approx. 360,000 yen (30,000 yen/month)

■Cross-Border EC All-in-One Package details here

Background of cross-border EC all-in-one package planning

eLife Inc. Executive Officer e-commerce Business General Manager / Cross-border e-commerceHead of All-in-One Package Service
Tatsuya Yamamoto

Since receiving the "Shopify Plus Partner" certification in October 2021, we have had many opportunities to hear from companies considering global and cross-border e-commerce launch concerns, such as, "It's hard to get started with all the preparations, including overseas market research, cost simulation, and business planning," and "Cross-border e-commerce is more difficult than domestic trading. We had the opportunity to hear many of their concerns about starting up a business. e-commerceCreation of Digital SiteTherefore, we have come up with a plan for an all-in-one cross-border e-commerce package, which accompanies the entire process from sales channel development to operation, marketing, and PDCA with minimal effort and investment, based on the concept of "global marketing that considers the entire world as one market. Together with specialized partners, we provide strong support for logistics, payments, legal, and taxation support necessary for overseas expansion, and offer a one-stop global D2C and cross-border e-commerce service. The service is priced at 3.6 million yen by eliminating customization as much as possible and incorporating the minimum practical functions. This service will ensure that your brand will generate sales outside of Japan and create constant repeat customers, leading to success.

Global marketing information is now available ( elife EC column)

We regularly provide useful information for companies, such as know-how cultivated through our global and cross-border EC marketing support, the latest industry trends, and information about our services.

■ e-commerceClick here to read the column.

What is Shopify?

Shopify was founded in 2006 in Ottawa, Canada, and since then has become a global commerce leader for retail businesses of all sizes, supporting millions of businesses in more than 175 countries to date. Shopify is the largest retail business start-up, expansion, marketing, and operations management The company offers one of the largest commerce platforms available.

eLife Examples of Shopify D2C support by

Lion "by me" brand website (Lion Corporation)
Kameda Seika Mail Order Ichiba|Official mail order store of Kameda Seika (KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD.)
TIGER CORPORATIONT iger Thermohakobi Official] Stainless Steel Bottle

Achieve results with "minimum investment and effort.
Cross-border e-commerceOne-stop shop for services

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