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Pasco Supporters Club "Delicious Time with Pasco" | Shikishima Baking Company

A community for bread lovers to expand the way they eat and the appeal of bread and Pasco products together. The "Pasco de Tsukatte-mita" (I tried making it with Pasco), which allows users to easily post recipe ingredients and methods of preparation, and "Pan Talk," in which everyone chats about bread and Pasco products, allow bread lovers to enjoy a wonderful bread life while communicating with each other.


Until now, we have recruited a limited number of members once a year, but this will be renewed in March 2022, with the aim of "enjoying a life with bread with more customers! We renewed the program in March 2022 with the aim of "enjoying a life with bread with more customers! The UX/UI for member registration and user contributions such as "I tried making it with Pasco" and "Bread Talk" were improved, which contributed to an increase in the number of members and contributions. In addition, by linking social networking accounts, the site now has a lead-in to members' social networking accounts, leading to more interactive communication among users. Before the renewal, the site was managed using multiple tools for membership, contents, e-mail distribution, and points, but by integrating them into CS2 (eLife Community Suite ), management has been centralized, security has been improved, and operational issues have been resolved.

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