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Plasma Lactobacillus Experience with Friends (buzzLife)

buzzLife and lecture live combined measures. buzzLeader The "Plasmalactobacillus Experience with Friends" project was conducted by iMUSE, Inc. to encourage people to experience iMUSE's three beverages and supplements and tell their friends about them. Just prior to the product experience, iMUSE brand representatives gave a lecture on Plasmalactobacillus through a webinar to several hundred people at buzzLeader. A cycle of in-depth understanding of the product, hands-on experience, word-of-mouth communication to friends, and continued purchase by the customer was created, leading to increased loyalty to the brand.

Client Issues

iMUSE is the first brand in Japan to have a product lineup containing "plasma lactic acid bacteria" and was the first brand in Japan to have a notification published as a food with functional claims for immune function. The beverages in particular are popular for their refreshing taste, and have been well received in the past several buzzLife buzz projects on specific scenes such as "club activities" and "workplace. However, even though people may recall the product in specific situations, there was a hurdle in "continuing to take it on a daily basis," which is the most important factor, and there was a challenge in making it a habit.

Post-implementation effects

The "buzz" project was a combination of the traditional buzz project and a live lecture. buzzLeaderAt the live lecture, several brand representatives gave a lecture on Plasmalactobacillus lactobacillus and answered questions from the participants. The increased interactivity of the webinar, with the written questions picked up and answered by a representative, helped buzzLeader understand the product in depth, resulting in a dense word-of-mouth communication. In addition to the highly enthusiastic word-of-mouth to their friends, the reports showed that buzzLeader them selves were actively taking action to maintain their health with iMUSE at the core, such as trying the entire iMUSE lineup with their entire family and incorporating their favorite products into their daily lives. As a result, the project achieved a higher purchase rate during the project period than the previous buzzLife and a higher intention to continue.

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