Launched "LA VIDA Thailand," a word-of-mouth platform in Thailand.



eLife Inc.( eLife), an interactive marketing support company, has launched "LA VIDA Thailand," a real word-of-mouth platform to support Japanese companies' digital marketing in Thailand, where Japanese companies are increasingly expanding.

LA VIDA Thailand" will provide offline word-of-mouth development measures and word-of-mouth measures in the offline space of LAZADA (, *1), the largest marketplace in Southeast Asia and also known as the "Amazon of Southeast Asia," and Thai consumers. (*1), the largest marketplace in Southeast Asia and the "Amazon of Southeast Asia," for Japanese companies.

eLifeAccording to a survey conducted by Nielsen Online (*2), 80% of consumers in Thailand trust word-of-mouth as the most reliable source of information, and there are similarities between Thai and Japanese consumers, such as the high rate of Facebook usage. We have developed our services in Thailand based on the belief that we can utilize the know-how we have cultivated in Japan to support interactive marketing through the "PRM-Method".

In a demonstration experiment conducted with a major Japanese hygiene product manufacturer prior to the official launch of "LA VIDA Thailand," more than 90% of buzzLeaderusers who actually tried the product expressed an intention to purchase the product, and the VOC (word-of-mouth) acquisition rate was more than 50%. In addition, the word-of-mouth campaign was confirmed to have spread to three times as many people as the primary word-of-mouth campaign of buzzLeaderwho actually tried the product.

About "LA VIDA Thailand

eLifeBuzz Life is a real word-of-mouth communication platform developed by Buzz Life (, a product monitoring website operated in Japan by Buzz Life ( buzzLife) with more than 550,000 registered users. The platform consists of two types of word-of-mouth communication: " buzzLife," an offline word-of-mouth campaign, and "LAZADA buzz," which focuses on word-of-mouth communication on "LAZADA," the largest e-commercesite in Southeast Asia.

The greatest feature of "LA VIDA Thailand" is that the platform is populated by buzzLeader, a group of quality members in Thailand who have high word-of-mouth ability and are willing to engage in word-of-mouth recommendation activities without compensation, collected by eLifebased on its own know-how.


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eLifePRM-Method, which improves corporate value through dialogue and collaboration with consumers, is a one-stop provider of interactive marketing services ranging from strategic planning to infrastructure development, operation of interactive communications, and survey analysis to major companies in various industries, including manufacturers, retailers, and airlines in Japan. We have been providing a one-stop service from strategy development to infrastructure construction, interactive communication management, and research and analysis. In recent years, we have been providing support for a variety of projects, opening an office in Singapore in 2017 in response to an increase in opportunities for Japanese companies to consult with us on digital communications as they expand into Asia. Furthermore, in November 2018, we started providing inbound marketing services for Chinese tourists visiting Japan.

eLifeLA VIDA Thailand will continue to provide support for digital marketing tailored to local business practices and national characteristics for Japanese companies expanding into Asian countries through its "LA VIDA Thailand" service, which enables consistent word-of-mouth content acquisition as well as ongoing CRM, and inbound marketing services for Chinese tourists visiting Japan. We will vigorously support digital marketing tailored to local business customs and national characteristics for Japanese companies expanding into Asian countries.

(*1) LAZADA is the largest online marketplace in Southeast Asia with operations in six ASEAN countries and is also known as the "Amazon of Asia" in Southeast Asia, where Amazon does not exist. In 2016, Alibaba acquired control of the company for $1 billion. ( )

About eLife Inc.

eLifeSince its inception, "KDDI Corporation" has continued to realize interactive marketing that connects companies and their partner consumers from various angles, transcending industry boundaries, from consumer goods manufacturers to major retailers. We build and operate a system that gives back to corporate marketing activities, from the planning of overall strategies for PRM (Partner Relation Management), which implements dialogue and collaboration between companies and their consumer partners, to operational support and platform development.

Representative: Seiichiro Fujiwara, CEO
Establishment: September 1999
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Employees: 69 others, approximately 1,300 SOHO staff (as of May, 2008)
Location: Japan Party Building 2F, 1-29-9 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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