Pasco Supporters Club "Delicious Time with Pasco" held an online event to celebrate its 20th anniversary


Pasco Shikishima Corporation(Pasco) community website, "A Delicious Time with Pasco," celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Pasco Supporters Club with a "#Yolpan" online event on December 1, 2023, and a video summarizing the event is now available.

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Pasco conducted a survey of 1,200 married men and women in their 20s to 40s on November 22, "Good Marriage Day," to find out what they thought about dinner. The survey revealed that while more than 80% of the respondents wanted to value dinner time as a time for communication between husband and wife, many had problems with dinner, such as the fact that about 30% of the respondents had experienced marital discord due to the division of preparation duties. While many people are looking for ease in preparing and cleaning up for dinner, those who eat bread for dinner were found to be choosing bread because it is easy to prepare and clean up and is a fun and easy way to change their mood.

Based on the results of this survey, Pasco launched the "Yolpan Club" in the hope that the ease and enjoyment of eating bread at night would help to solve dinner problems. The "Yolpan Club" is developing projects that can contribute to creating a better dinner time, while focusing on various issues related to dinner.

As part of this initiative, at this event held at the Pasco Supporters Club "Delicious Time with Pasco," the "Yolpan Club" members actually cooked and introduced recipes that were perfect for the evening among those posted by the members to the community. During the event, members who were watching chatted with each other and sent messages of support to the "Yolpan Club" members, which led to communication, and the event ended with a great success.

■Pasco Supporters Club "Delicious Time with Pasco
A community for bread lovers to expand the ways of eating bread and Pasco products and their appeal. The "Pasco de Tsukatteita" (I tried making it with Pasco), where recipe ingredients and preparation methods can be easily posted, and "Pan Talk" where everyone can chat about bread and Pasco products, allow bread lovers to communicate with each other and enjoy a wonderful bread life.

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