"buzzLife" renews its guidelines for participants under the supervision of a major law firm, with a new page explaining the regulations of the Stemma Law.


-Endorsed by a major law firm as meeting the requirements for "secure word-of-mouth marketing", a growing need under the Stemma Law regulations.-

Our real word-of-mouth platform " buzzLife" has been endorsed by a major law firm familiar with stealth marketing laws and regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Stealth Marketing Law") as "satisfying the requirements for safe word-of-mouth marketing". The company has received an endorsement from a major law firm familiar with stealth marketing laws and regulations. In addition, we are pleased to announce that the guidelines for participants have been renewed, and a new page has been created to explain the regulations of the Stealth Marketing Act.

Increased attention to legal restrictions on stealth marketing

As of October 1 (Sun.), stealth marketing has become a violation of the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, and tighter regulations have begun to be implemented. Although the rules have been presented again, including clarification of advertising descriptions, there are still many gray areas, and many people in charge of businesses may be concerned about the risk of violating the regulations. In fact, many articles summarizing basic information on the Stemma Law regulations have been published around the time of their enactment.

About " buzzLife", a marketing method in collaboration with consumers



Based on face-to-face "real word-of-mouth", "buzzLife" is a service that conveys the value of products obtained through one's own product experience in a way that is tailored to the person to whom it is directed, leading to a deeper understanding of the product and a more accurate purchasing action.

Consumers who want to make good products known to the world participate in the " buzzLife" project and recommend products to others based on their own honest opinions and expressions. The unique features of this project are that it is based on real word-of-mouth communication, not online, and that participants can freely and honestly express their own opinions about products, rather than those requested or directed by business operators. Under the supervision of our lawyers, we have a strict scheme to avoid infringement of the Sterma Law, such as always mentioning the fact that the product is provided by the business when making word-of-mouth comments.

The communication during word-of-mouth communication is then submitted as a report, which also provides valuable data on product evaluations, usage scenarios, and other information that can lead to subsequent improvements in products and sales.

▼ " buzzLife" An example of our results

Three key points of " buzzLife"

  1. The point of honestly and freely sharing one's opinions with those around them.
    "buzzLife" Under the slogan "Share the Happiness!" the project also asks consumers who participate in the project to "buzz honestly and freely. Project participants are asked to honestly share their feelings about their experience with the products provided by the businesses, using their own expressions. "buzzLife " has established a code of conduct for project participants and supports their proactive activities.
  2. The point that real word-of-mouth communication is the basis of the project.
    In the project, we ask people to meet in person and recommend the product to their peers and friends in real life. The project participants themselves will share their opinions and recommendations in their own words after experiencing the product. Although the number of people to whom the product is recommended (i.e., the number of people who will spread the recommendation) is not as large as online, it can lead to a deeper understanding of the product and a more accurate purchase.
  3. A safe and secure service under the supervision of a lawyer
    Under the supervision of lawyers, we have adopted a scheme that does not violate the Sterima Law, such as always mentioning the fact that the product is provided by a business when making a word-of-mouth comment.
    In addition, since 2006, when the service was launched, the buzzLifesecretariat has focused on educating project participants, who serve as word-of-mouth campaigners, on the service philosophy and code of conduct of the participants, and there are many consumers who correctly understand the rules of the activity.

▼ Lawyer Comments.
An attorney from a major law firm who supervised the project commented, "It is important for project participants on buzzLifeto tell or mention that they are receiving products from Company 00 when they word-of-mouth around the project or post online at Social media, etc." .

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