Social mediafacts about Indonesia [2023] what are the most popular channels? What are some examples of buzz?

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When entering the indonesian market, e-commerce・in addition to developing a brand website and opening a store in a marketplace, social mediais essential as a channel to attract customers and a way to communicate with customers. We will provide a summary of social mediacommonly used in indonesia and how to incorporate it into your business.

Popular channels

  1. Usage rate exceeds 88% - Whatsapp
    Whatsapp is not so familiar in Japan, but it is actually a major communication channel worldwide. In Indonesia, Whatsapp is so widely used that it could be called infrastructure. Whatsapp is used on a daily basis for personal, business, and business-to-business communication. Many companies use it as a customer support channel.
  2. More than 90 million users - Instagram
    Instagram has become one of the most popular apps in Japan as well, becoming an infrastructure mainly among the younger generation. Reel (video) posts and Stories are particularly popular, and shopping is also actively used. It is a particularly important channel for brands that sell apparel, general merchandise, and other products that benefit from visual appeal and video.
  3. The 4th most downloaded video in the world - TikTok
    Tiktok from China, which as you know has exploded around the world with short videos, is also very popular in Indonesia, especially among the younger generation. The Corona disaster led to its rapid spread to people over the age of 25, and the number of downloads has risen to 4th place (as of April 2020), after India, Brazil, and the United States! Particularly popular are viral videos with a comedic touch and viral videos such as the XXX Challenge, which are so popular that even the government is utilizing them.
  4. Familiar Influencer Platforms - YouTube
    In Indonesia, where influencer marketing is also popular, Youtube content is also a strong favorite. Studies show that advertising reach is available to 68% of Internet users. Popular categories include daily life and family video blogs, comedy, music videos, dance, food, education, DIY, beauty, news, movies, game coverage, and much more.
  5. Reach rate 63%? - Facebook
    According to information from Meta as of January 2022, the reach rate of advertisements has exceeded 63%. However, it is said that this is likely due to factors other than feed posts, such as Facebook groups that allow users to exchange messages with old friends and communicate with acquaintances who share the same interests and hobbies. Rather than a promotional investment, it seems to be a channel that is best left to those who can afford it.

Example of a buzzed campaign in Indonesia

  1. Esteh Indonesia
    A popular iced tea store's campaign "It's so good, I took out a surprisingly large amount of it! The campaign was so popular that many people copied and posted the official campaign, which led to an increase in sales.
  2. Gojek
    With a rapidly expanding range of businesses, including delivery, logistics, and pick-up and drop-off services, Gojek has always attracted attention with its humorous and fast-paced promotions.
    The brand copy #PastiAdaJalan (There's always a way) has been embraced by many users, leading to daily UGC generation, and campaigns featuring stars such as BTS have also been a hit.
  3. Tokopedia
    Tokopedia, the e-commercemarketplace from Indonesia, launched #banggabuatanindonesia (proudly made in Indonesia) as a campaign to support local vendors. The campaign became a major movement as the public sympathized with the content of the campaign, which supported various producers and family-owned stalls during the difficult times caused by the Corona disaster.


In Indonesia, where it is said that there is a strong sense of community among family, relatives, and neighbors, campaigns that are easy for everyone to challenge and share with each other are likely to create a buzz. It is also important to make sure that the content is humorous and easily accessible to local people.
We will keep an eye on the social mediasituation in Indonesia, a country with active economic development!

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