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In modern business, establishing and operating your own e-commercewebsite is an indispensable strategy. This is due to the tremendous benefits that a company site can provide to a business and the importance of having a place to communicate directly with consumers. Below we detail some of the tangible benefits and specific measures for the success of your e-commercesite.

Advantages of in-house E-commerce

Brand control

By operating your own e-commercesite, you have the freedom to control all aspects of how your brand is presented, how your message is communicated, the quality of your customer service, and how you promote your products. On the other hand, marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay offer limited control over these elements.

Improvement of profit margin

By selling products directly on your own E-commerce site, you can avoid the commissions that marketplaces take and thus increase your profit margins.

Customer data collection and utilization

By operating your own E-commerce site, you can directly collect visitor and customer behavior data, which can then be used for marketing and product development. This is critical to understanding customer behavior and providing a personalized experience tailored to their needs.

Building Customer Relationships


Using SEO and content marketing

Your own website can use SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing to increase traffic from natural search results.

Fake goods control

Popular brands and products can sometimes be counterfeited overseas. In such cases, we can tell users how to distinguish them from fakes and on which sites fakes are being sold.

Quality of customer support

According to Microsoft's Global State of Customer Service Report (2018), approximately 96% of consumers say customer service influences their brand choice. Also, according to American Express' Customer Service Barometer (2017), American consumers say they are prepared to pay 17% higher prices on average for companies that provide great customer service, while Zendesk's " Customer Experience Trends Report" (2020), nearly 50% of customers say they would reconsider their relationship with a company (or Blunt) if their issue is not resolved immediately. As these data show, the quality of customer support has a lot to do with customer acquisition and retention.

Implementation of original measures

In-house E-commerce sites can implement measures to maximize sales that external E-commerce sites cannot. Specific measures include the following

  1. Gift Programs
    Gift programs are a useful marketing technique that can attract new customers via existing users.
  2. Co-creation measures
    Involving customers in the development of products and services increases their engagement and satisfaction. Products and services are better able to respond to actual market needs, and new ideas and solutions are more likely to emerge.
  3. Personalization
    Customer behavioral data can be leveraged to provide a personalized shopping experience. For example, product recommendations based on previous purchases or browsing history, personalized email marketing, etc.
  4. Loyalty Programs
    A loyalty program can encourage repeat purchases and build long-term customer relationships. For example, you can offer rewards when a customer accumulates a certain number of points.

Taking advantage of the above advantages and measures, it is important to develop a strategy for success in establishing your own E-commerce site.


As described above, establishing and operating your own E-commerce site has many advantages. From brand control to building customer relationships to leveraging SEO and content marketing, these are all unique strengths of an in-house E-commerce site and can be leveraged to the fullest extent to achieve business growth. It is also important to enhance the customer experience and strengthen customer loyalty through unique marketing initiatives. your company's E-commerce site is a critical component of your business success.

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