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National Day Campaign | eLife Inc.

National Day campaign for Chinese visitors to Japan. This inbound marketing campaign was conducted with Shiseido Japan for Chinese visitors to Japan during the 2019 National Day (October 1 to 7). The campaign offers prizes to those who post images of their purchases in Japan with the specified hashtag.


The campaign was conducted on Weibo, and UGC was created by collecting the pure word-of-mouth comments of the buzz project participants, and using the latest Chinese AI technology, ads were targeted to Chinese people who were highly motivated to visit Japan or were in Japan. Total content views reached 96.28 million. As a result, the campaign promoted awareness of the campaign among Chinese consumers visiting Japan, and also led to increased purchases by the campaign participants (Chinese consumers). This time, Narita International Airport newly joined the campaign, contributing not only to product promotion but also to the promotion of purchases at specific facilities.

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