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Summer Campaign | eLife Inc.

Summer Campaign for Chinese visitors to Japan. This is an inbound marketing measure to promote purchasing by spreading highly reliable word-of-mouth information using Weibo, China's largest SNS media, to Chinese people before and during their visit to Japan. By posting images of purchases made in Japan with the specified hashtag, participants could win round-trip airline tickets to JAL and a facial care device.


We gathered the pure word-of-mouth information of the buzz project participants, created UGC, and maximized the spread of product information, including product purchase campaigns. The campaign successfully reached a large number of Chinese consumers through the use of Weibo ads based on sophisticated targeting using the latest Chinese AI technology.
The Summer 2019 campaign received 170 million views, exceeding the previous Chinese New Year campaign. The campaign hashtag #日本购购go received 55,000 posts during the campaign period, expanding its use as a hashtag for introducing Japanese products.

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