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Kitchen Pocket Co-Creation Event Panasonic Corporation

Kitchen Pocket, a kitchen appliance community operated by Panasonic, held a summer vacation event for parents and children, "Let's learn how a microwave works and make a snack! to provide an opportunity for children to do free research during their summer vacation. The event was held twice during the summer vacation period at the Panasonic Center in Osaka, inviting 6 groups of 12 people for a total of 12 groups of 24 people each time, as an opportunity for children to do free research during the summer vacation. The event started with a learning session on how microwave ovens work, followed by the cooking of four snacks, including bread pudding "Pantasic Pudding" and "Chewy Strawberry Mochi," using Panasonic's high-function oven range "Bistro" as the main cooking tool, and ended with a free tasting of the snacks decorated freely by the participants. At the end of the event, participants decorated and tasted the snacks they had made, and had a fun time with their parents and children.


A co-creation event involving users was planned and implemented, where parents and children could actually experience how to use Panasonic's high-function oven range "Bistro" with their own children. The event was planned through co-creation with users, who voted on the needs for recipes from the original recipes posted by users in the community in advance, and decided on the menu to be prepared at the event. A post-event questionnaire was sent out to participants, and the results showed a 100% satisfaction rate, and also led to a change in attitudes toward Kitchen Pocket, with users who had previously only browsed the site now wanting to actively post comments.

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