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buzzLife UGC fostering and utilization

Experience the new Zero ICHI with a couple (buzzLife) | Kirin Brewery Company, Limited

buzzLife word-of-mouth project for Kirin Zero ICHI. 1,500 buzzLeadercouples (with children) experienced the renewed product, and word-of-mouth project was conducted to spread the word about this product to their friends (with children). The project achieved the spread of information that the beer is safe to drink even for pre-moms and moms. Furthermore, a new drinking scene for Zero ICHI was born, where multiple couples can toast at home parties and BBQs without worrying about anyone else.


Of the 1,500 people who participated in the project buzzLeader, 65% became aware of Zero ICHI through the buzz project. The buzz project has resulted in a ripple effect of more than 44,000 people experiencing the taste of Zero ICHI and the fact that it is a beer that even pre-moms and moms can drink safely. In addition, 90% of the participants expressed an intention to continue purchasing Zero ICHI.

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