Kadoya Sesame Mills Incorporated
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Kadoya Sesami Labo| Kadoya Seiyu

Learn about sesame and enjoy sesame. A hands-on community through the familiar "sesame". The site is packed with content, including a "Create with Everyone" section where you can share various sesame-related ideas (recipes, images, tips for use), a "Read" section that provides the latest useful product information, and a "Enjoy" section for campaigns, learning, and hands-on content.


The "Kadoya Sesame Lab" has opened, a hands-on community where users can think about and share their dietary habits and health with each other through the familiar sesame.
The "Create Together" section has received many user ideas since its opening, which have led to new discoveries for users, and has generated communication among users through comments and "Like! This has led to new discoveries for the users who view the site, and has also generated communication among users through comments and likes.
Also, in the "Read" section, Kadoya's employees actively appear and introduce their work and "My Opinion" using "sesame" for interactive communication.
Through communication, we aim to cultivate UGC and uncover insights that will lead to the next marketing strategy.

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