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Sleep Lab for Everyone | Nishikawa

This is a community to think about "good sleep" by Nishikawa, which has been thinking about sleep for a long time. The community includes a "good night q&a" section where everyone can ask and answer each other's questions, and "tips for a good night's sleep," which introduces various tips to improve the quality of sleep. Another attraction of the community is that it allows users to communicate with sleep professionals, "sleep masters," in a more intimate setting through live broadcasts, something that has previously only been possible in stores.


Nishikawa, a sleep expert with many years of knowledge, opened the community "Sleep Lab for Everyone" as a place to think about "good sleep" with users. Users and companies work together to solve various questions and problems related to sleep, while at the same time listening to users' concerns and requests about sleep and bedding online, and engaging in direct dialogue with users. The "Sleep Masters" are sleep professionals who have received specialized training in sleep science and comfortable sleep environments, and they communicate with users not only when they visit the store but also in the community. The "Sleep Masters" communicate with users not only when they visit the store, but also in the community to support high quality sleep by responding to concerns that go beyond the realm of products, such as "I can't seem to sleep.
In the section where the "Sleep Master" and Sleep Lab staff respond to users' concerns, the attributes of the questioner, such as "childcare" or "sleep deprivation," are disclosed so that the viewer can personalize the answers to his or her own concerns. The section is also designed to allow visitors to make it personal to them by disclosing the attributes of the questioner, such as "childcare" or "sleep deprivation. The first live lecture, "Sleep Master Teaches! How to Improve Sleep Quality (Beginner's Edition)" achieved a 92% satisfaction rate among viewers.
The feedback from users is obtained through surveys on products and new product development, and is immediately reflected in development and services, making a significant contribution to marketing activities, especially in product development.

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