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ORBIS VIP Community

A closed community site available only to ORBIS VIP members. The community is a place where companies and users can connect and interact through Q&A, live streaming, co-creation projects, and other interactive measures related to general lifestyle issues.

Client Issues

The client wanted to establish a vip community to coincide with the company's rebranding, and to provide vip members with user-oriented content to increase the number of touch points with products, as well as to increase video content such as live introductions of new products to provide face-to-face communication and improve customer loyalty. The company wanted to increase customer loyalty by providing vip members with more touch points with products while also increasing video content such as new product introduction live to provide face-to-face communication.

Post-implementation effects

The event was held as an online counseling live event for "summer breakdown-proof makeup. the event featured lectures on makeup methods that could solve the individual concerns of each participant. Content that enriches the lives of vip members is proving popular, and developments tailored to the preferences of existing users, such as holding live sessions of serialized content that was popular in the catalog, are contributing to increased loyalty. in the qa section, corporate beauty advisors respond to questions submitted by users, creating a system that can accurately answer the needs of those who ask.

The company regularly holds online face-to-face communications such as fan meetings and new product launches. it is also used as a venue for co-creation with members, such as holding vip-only online counseling menus for a limited time, and soliciting and launching set product contents and naming.

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