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D2C(EC)Creation of Digital Site

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The e-commercewebsite is dedicated to Lion's new "by me" brand, which proposes a new habit of customizing the fragrance of daily necessities. The "by me" brand is characterized by the ability to customize your own scent by blending an unscented base, such as fabric softener or clothing mist, with an "essence" of your favorite fragrance. The website offers an abundance of fragrance recipes that can be used as a reference for creating fragrances, and it is also possible to narrow down the search for recipes. The site is also equipped with functions that add even more fun to the fragrance selection process, such as an AI that diagnoses the recommended fragrance simply by answering questions.


The launch of the new "by me" brand was inspired by the desire to change the habits of consumers who are carefully living their daily lives after the Corona Disaster into something more enjoyable and positive. The brand's dedicated e-commercesite uses Shopify Plus, the top plan among the platforms offered by Shopify. The new site also features "scent selection via recipe search and AI diagnostics" and "a subscription service that allows users to specify their favorite fragrance each time they place an order". By connecting directly with consumers through this website, we will collect customer feedback and quickly reflect it in our products and services to create a better "D2C" customer experience together with consumers. As a fragrance brand for "daily life" that is not limited to the fabric care field, Lion aims to realize its Purpose "Contribute to people's daily lives by creating better habits (ReDesign)".

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