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After the Corona Disaster, the consumer shopping experience is rapidly changing. One area that is attracting a lot of attention is "BOPIS," or "Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store: BOPIS. This article explores how BOPIS, one of the most popular omni-channel strategies, works within a global omni-channel framework and how it can benefit retailers.

BOPIS Basics

BOPIS is a process in which customers "buy products online" and receive them in a physical "store."
This approach enhances the customer experience by combining the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of in-store pickup.
In Japan, retail chains and major companies such as UNIQLO, Yodobashi Camera, and 7-Eleven have started to introduce the service, and some of you may have experience using it.

Data show that over two-thirds of U.S. Consumers have used this type of curbside pickup (a parking lot pickup service similar to a drive-thru for items ordered online) or bopis service in the past six months. more than 50% of major U.S. retail chains offered curbside pickup to meet this demand as of April 2021.

Shopify is playing a central role as retailers leverage online platforms to offer new shopping experiences. In particular, when combined with BOPIS, it offers customers a more convenient and efficient means of purchasing. This article will delve a little deeper into the benefits of BOPIS with Shopify.

Benefits of Shopify and BOPIS

  1. A Seamless Online Experience
    Shopify is known as an intuitive and easy-to-use online platform. It allows customers to smoothly select and pay for products, and simplifies the process of using BOPIS.

  2. Streamline Inventory Management
    Shopify provides the ability to track inventory in real time, giving you an accurate picture of what is available in your store when using BOPIS. This allows you to see in advance if the products your customers want are available in your stores.

  3. Centralized Sales and Data Management
    Shopify centralizes online and offline sales data, allowing retailers to more effectively understand customer purchase history and preferences and develop targeted campaigns.

Domestic Applications

Many retailers in Japan are beginning to integrate their online and offline operations and implement topics. The following is a hypothetical domestic case study based on general methods and concepts.

  1. Rakuten Ichiba
    Case Summary:
    Rakuten Ichiba is the largest online shopping mall in Japan with many retailers.
    BOPIS Implementation: Some Rakuten Ichiba stores offer a service where customers who purchase products online can pick them up at the nearest partner store. This reduces shipping costs and provides convenience of pickup.
  2. Ito-Yokado
    Case Summary:
    Ito-Yokado is a major supermarket chain with a nationwide presence in Japan.
    BOPIS implementation:
    Ito-Yokado provides a service whereby customers who order food and household goods online can pick them up at their nearest Ito-Yokado store. This reduces the hassle of shopping and allows customers to get their purchases instantly.
    UNIQLO is a global fast fashion brand based in Japan, with many physical stores in Japan and abroad
    BOPIS Implementation:
    UNIQLO offers a service that allows customers to order items from its online store and pick them up at the nearest UNIQLO store. This allows customers to enjoy the convenience of in-store pickup while taking advantage of the wide selection of products available online.

These examples show that bopis is spreading in Japan. By offering a combined online and offline shopping experience, retailers are strengthening customer relationships and increasing convenience.


BOPIS is rapidly becoming a key component of global omnichannel strategies.
This approach will continue to be an important strategy for many retailers in the future, as it offers many benefits, including improved customer experience, more efficient inventory management, and additional sales opportunities.


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