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D2C(EC)Creation of Digital Site

Kameda Seika Mail Order Ichiba | Kameda Seika

The official general e-commerce site that handles all brands of Kameda Seika. in addition to national brands such as "kaki-no-tane", "happy turn", "potapota-yaki", and "hi-hine", the site sells assortment sets, comparison sets, online-only products such as character goods, and local products such as "albirex kameda's winning seeds" as well as outlet products. The site also offers a wide range of products such as "kameda's winning seeds". in addition to Kameda's products, this site also sells a diverse lineup of products from group companies. Onishi foods manufactures and sells long-term preserved foods (emergency rations) such as "onishi's gohan series," which mainly consists of alpha rice, and Tainai, which offers gluten-free foods such as rice flour bread and brown rice bread that do not contain 28 specified allergenic ingredients, as well as cookies, bread, and ramen noodles made from brown rice, and soy meat. Tainai has established ichiba, which offers a broad lineup of products beyond rice crackers, including cookies, breads, and ramen noodles made from brown rice, as well as vegetarian foods such as soybean meat.


The renewal of the official e-commerce site was made possible through the adoption of Shopify Plus, Shopify's highest plan, which not only improves the UI and UX, but also enables a loyalty program, which had been an issue with the existing system. The move to Shopify Plus is expected to lead to further development, including full-fledged CRM initiatives such as increasing the number of points of contact that directly connect with users, and future global expansion.

Customer Testimonials

Senior Manager, Business Development Department
Ms. Fumie Sano

"We decided to renew our e-commerce site in order to realize detailed communication with our customers, which had been an issue with our current e-commerce site. We would like to fully utilize the Shopify Plus functionality to reach not only traditional Kameda customers but also customers with various needs, such as clarifying the lead-in line to gluten-free products and products that do not contain 28 specified ingredients, in addition to rice crackers."

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